Sheet Face Masks
Sheet Face Masks

Sheet Face Masks

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Milk: Moisturizing - Protein extract from milk removes dead skin on the surface. Hydrates and conditions the skin.

Honey: Nourishing - Provides nutrients and elasticity to your skin.

Pearl: Brightening - Revitalizes the skin and brightens your complexion.

Charcoal: Pore Care - Pore tightening and removes toxins. The minerals in charcoal also help hydrate skin. 

Aloe: Soothing - Aloe leaf and cucumber fruit extract provide moisture to sooth dry skin. 

Aqua: Hydrating - Seawater and plankton extract provide moisture to rough, tired skin. 

Collagen: Anti-Wrinkle - Hydrolyzed collagen and acetyl hexapeptide-8 provide smoothness to dull skin.