Sophisicated Style


We now have a great pant and blazer set from Current Air! Get interview or job ready with some style tips for professional wear.
This look is very casual and would be considered more casual. This would be a great look to take out resumes in or for a job with a laid back dress code. Pair this blazer with any non-bulky top, dark jeans and almost any of our shoes for a stylish, clean look.
The new pointed toe shoes we have from Chinese Laundry are perfect for professional style. Pair with slacks for a elongated leg. Our Chinese Laundry pumps are also great shoes for professional wear. Anything with a pointed toe will lengthen the leg.
This look is great for business casual and would work for most office settings while still being stylish. If this is the look you are going for, mix and match all different kinds of tops to change up your look and keep it fun. Add pointed toe shoes, and a bag from Street Level to complete the look. Business casual rules include: only subtle colors (no hot pink or other intense colors) and no over the top prints; however sometimes these rules can be stretched.
This look would be considered Business Professional. For a Business Professional look, the blazer must be worn as well. Play around with the tops to create different and fun looks. For a traditional Business Professional look, classic colors and styles must be used. Other rules include: no low cut tops, pants and blazer must be the same color, no over the top prints, not too much jewelry.
Now that we have these pieces, we can accommodate those looking for a more sophisticated style. With these rules in mind, you can still create fun and stylish looks for work! Come into the store and have our trained staff help you pick out professional looks you love!