How to Wear One Jacket to Six Different Events

Do you always throw on your favorite pieces from your closet but feel like you're wearing the same outfit all the time? We took a long, silky bomber jacket and styled it six different ways. Each outfit feels and looks different and can be worn to almost any event you could think of. Styling one piece multiple ways isn’t easy, but with some creativity, anyone can do it.
Here is how we styled The Long Silky Bomber Jacket for any event you may need to attend this holiday season:
The Big Game
The Jacket + Ripped Jeans + T-Shirt + Sneakers
This look is perfect for a sporting event because it’s comfortable and laidback. The sneakers will allow you to walk far distances without limping and The Jacket will give you a layer of warmth. Wearing this to a game looks like you have effortless style without trying too hard.
Girls Night Out
The Jacket + T-Shirt Dress + Over the Knee Boots + Choker
This look is cool, trendy, and perfect for a night out with your girlfriends. Feel confident and sexy while sharing your style with the only people who really appreciate it: your girls. Stay comfy on top in a t-shirt dress while turning up the heat by adding the over the knee boots and choker.
Christmas Party/ Night Time Event
The Jacket + Lace Dress +Pumps
This is the sexiest look of them all. If you have a more formal event, you will be turning heads all night. Pair our lace dress with pumps, then add The Jacket to tone down the look for a perfect mix of hotness and style.
Wine Tasting/ Daytime Event
The Jacket + A Floral Dress + Ankle Boots
This fun and girly look is perfect for any daytime event such as wine tasting. A huge trend this Fall is floral so try it out by adding these amazing ankle boots, The Jacket, and a floppy hat.
A Date
The Jacket + A Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Flats + Lasso Necklace
Whenever you go on a date, especially the first date, you want to look like you didn’t try very hard but still look amazing. This simple but adorable outfit looks like you just threw something together and it happened to turn out incredibly stylish.
To Class OR To Work
Depending on where you are in your career; still in school or a professional in the industry, this jacket will work for you.
 -To Class        
The Jacket + A Sweatshirt + Jeans + Boots + Beanie   
This look is cozy, easy to throw on in the morning, and stylish. Put on our favorite Z-Supply sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, and some boots. Then throw on The Jacket and add a beanie to hide your messy hair. Run out the door, and Viola, you’ve got an outfit for class.
-To Work
The Jacket + A Blouse + A Pencil Skirt + Heels
You can throw this jacket on over almost any outfit you would wear to work. We paired it with a blouse, pencil skirt, and heels but it could easily go with slacks and flats. This is a lightweight jacket you could wear in an office all day long while still keeping you warm when you venture outside. Make your coworkers jealous by being the most stylish person in the office.
We all love shopping and finding versatile pieces that will meld into our existing closets effortlessly. This jacket goes with almost anything you put it with, and makes the most simple outfit look like you really put thought into it. Come see us in the store to get The Jacket and more styling tips from our awesome staff.