Don't Be Afraid of the Bodysuit

Bodysuits are back and they are big. Some people dove head first into the trend and some are still unsure. If you are the latter, we’re here to change your mind. A bodysuit can be so stylish and flattering if paired with the right outfit. Here are some of our newer bodysuits styled for bodysuit beginners.
Bodysuit with high waisted jeans- Double Zero bodysuit and Joe’s Jeans, Lucy Love bodysuit and Joe’s Jeans.. A bodysuit with high waisted jeans is a go to style. The high waisted jeans hide any imperfections and smooth you out (especially Joe’s). This look is foolproof if you're trying out bodysuits for the first time. This pair can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion, with the right shoes and jewelry.
Bodysuit with a skirt- The Hanger bodysuit and She + Sky suede skirt. The bodysuit starter kit. If you are a bodysuit beginner, start off pairing it with a skirt. The skirt will tuck in your waist and hide imperfections. Just find a jean or suede skirt you love, pair it with almost any bodysuit, and you’ll have a cute girly look you can always count on.
Bodysuit with shorts- HYFIVE bodysuit and Flying Monkey high waisted shorts. This is a Spring and Summer must have look. This look is similar to the high waisted jeans, choose high waisted shorts and pair with a bodysuit. Mix up the types of bodysuits you choose to create day or night looks. This is also a music festival or concert go to.
Bodysuit with medium rise jeans (for the brave)- HYFIVE bodysuit and Flying Monkey jeans. This look is the hardest to pull off as the lower rise jean will not smooth out imperfections. It can still be done with the right bodysuit though. Choose a bodysuit with a thicker fabric so that it helps smooth things out. If you’ve never tried bodysuits before, start off with one of the other looks first.
Bodysuits are everywhere and there’s a bodysuit out there for everyone. Come into the store to have our trained staff help you pick out the perfect bodysuit look for you!