All About Booties

Tom’s Lunata
The Tom’s Lunata Bootie has a medium height heel, and a very comfy sole. They fit true to size. The Lunata booties are a little dressier than some of the other booties in the line up. They look great with dresses and skirts but also will pair well with jeans. $119
Tom’s Deia
The Tom’s Deia bootie has almost no heel and has an extremely comfy sole. They fit true to size.
The Deias are also a dressy bootie, they pair best with jeans but could also go with casual skirts and dresses if tights are worn. $98.95
Dirty Laundry Tumbler
The Tumbler has a low heel and a relatively comfy sole. They fit true to size and they come up high enough around the ankle to make them great in the snow and rain. They go best with jeans as they are the most casual bootie in the line up. Switch your look up by rolling your jeans just above them or tuck jeans in. $69.95
Chinese Laundry Kyla
The Kyla has a higher heel and an okay sole, but still are pretty comfy besides this. They run a size and a half to a full size too big. These booties are very versatile. They can be dressed up with dresses and skirts, or be dressed down with jeans. This is a pair of boots that is going to be in style for a long time, I would invest in them now. $79.99
Very Volatile Seesta
The Seesta bootie comes in brown and black, has a high heel, and an okay sole and run true to size. They are very comfy for how high they are because the ankle is constructed in a way that takes pressure off the ball of your foot. The Seesta can also be dressed up or down and can go with a variety of outfits. $79
Very Volatile Mckenna
The Mckenna bootie comes in black and taupe, has a medium heel and an okay sole. They run a little big so go a half a size down. These booties are pretty casual and go great with jeans but could also go with a casual skirt. $79