5 Ways to Style a Maxi Dress: The Start of Your Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe: A collection of clothing composed of interchangeable items to maximize the number of outfits that can be created. The aim is to have an outfit suitable for any occasion without owning excessive amounts of clothing. This is usually achieved by buying what are considered to be "key" or "staple" items in coordinating colors.
As one of the capsule wardrobe's biggest fans, I'll be writing more on this conventional way of dressing in later posts, but for starters, I'll be posting a mini series the next couple days on 5 Ways to Style a Maxi Dress.  
Go from day to night or work to festival with these simple and ever so fabulous styling tips.
Tune in this week to get the break down, the deets, and of course, the links!